Dany Buxton Ponce - 

Master of Physiotherapy - Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (Msc OMT)

Originally from the big capital of Chile, Santiago. She has Spent the last 2 years traveling around Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

At the age of 7 she fell in love with long and pole jumping, and that's when she decided to study something related with sports, so off she went to study Physiotherapy.

After her studies she has always looked to the musculo-skeletal system, and analysis of posture and how the daily tasks we do, leads to the posture we have today and how to fix it. 

It’s impressive how most of our pains are because of repetitive movements we do wrong during the day without even knowing!

That’s when she decided to take her career further and obtain her Master's in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.

After graduating, she has worked in clinics and in specialised physiotherapy centres & as a massage therapist in marathons, tennis world cup and sports events.