Should you still get a massage when you're sick?


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Drastic change in the weather always welcomes the sniffs, tickley throat, coughs, chills and the dreaded runny nose. When you're unwell, your immune system is working overtime to rid your body of this unwanted intruder.  And massage is not recommended. 

Why?! I'll tell ya.

You may be thinking: "I always feel awesome after my massage. Surely this will make me feel better!?" I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it will actually do the opposite.  

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One of the many benefits of massage is increasing circulation throughout the body. With all of this increased circulation some metabolic waste, and your cold/flu symptoms will actually be pushed out along with everything else, and this will happen at a much faster rate. 

Have you ever got a massage and had a very rumbly stomach mid way through? This happens because your digestion is sped up from the increased circulation. When you're in the throws of the early stages of a very unwanted cold or flu having a massage will increase your symptoms and make you feel even worse. 

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Your body is already having to wage war on this virus, you'll only be adding to your immune systems already lengthy to do list. It is best to reschedule and stay at home and rest up. If you're too sick to go to work, then you're also too sick for a massage. 

Another massive factor in this equation is how new is your cold or flu? A good rule of thumb to follow is once you feel those first stages of sickness and then up until day 5 to 7, you're contagious and should limit your contact with people, because that's how the plague started. Once you're past those stages then, it's business as normal, but during, it's a pretty good chance that your cold or flu will spread to it's next victim, i.e. me :(

If you are past the acute stages, then you're fine to come in, we'll make sure to have some tissues handy for your poor lil' nose.