Why you should choose a 90 minute massage.

What’s worse than that “your massage is finished” feeling?

Ok, ok. Quite a few things – but you know!

You’re so relaxed, your muscles are just beginning to really loosen up completely and then, BAM!.

  • “Your massage is finished”


Sometimes a 90 minute massage is the best choice, can be deep tissue, sports massage or relaxation.

With 90 minutes massage, we (the therapists) have more time to focus more in each muscle and target the affected areas, which leave us enough time to massage the other parts of the body which is necessary for an efficient and effective treatment. We believe that a 90 minute massage is the perfect time for a full body massage.

Not only will you get enough time to settle your thoughts and clear your mind, we will be able to really give your muscles and mind the chance and the time to relax.

Massage has been shown to assist with the body’s production and regulation of hormones. This can lead to a number of mood enhancing benefits. Depression and anxiety can be managed by massage. The release of endorphins also increases mood levels, further assisting in alleviating depression. Through the body’s peripheral nervous system, endorphins are released throughout the body. With specialized massage treatment, problem areas are targeted and both physical and psychological relief is experienced.

This video can relate to what we are saying, the more time you got, more specific and detailed you can be.

Stressed out? Run down? Sounds like you need a Remedial Massage. But, if you’re feeling the pressure more than usual, a 90 minute massage will make the world of difference.

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